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Miniature Wine Bottles

The U.K. supplier of miniature wine (small quarter bottles), single serve wines, 18.75cl and 20cl, mini drinks to the pub, club, airline and corporate gift market, as well as for promotional company events. UK mainland delivery.

Our range of single serve wines are ideal for those customers who want to enjoy the finest mini wine drinks from around the world with no corked, spoiled or wasted wine in miniature bottles.

Whilst most of our wine beverages are in miniature glass, 18.75cl, quarter bottles, we also offer a small range of the same quality wine in PET (plastic) mini bottles. These miniature wines are the perfect beverage for those corporate and promotional events where glass bottles are prohibited.

We also happy to offer our wine miniatures with personalised labels for wedding favours and promotional events. Our personalised labelling service can include your corporate logo and promotional message, or the names of the happy couple, the wedding date, even an image of your venue to make unique wedding favours. more >>
Petite Wines, offers for sale a range of miniature wine (small quarter bottles), ideal for customers who want to drink high quality wine with no corked, spoiled wine or wastage. A single serve quarter size (18.75cl) mini bottle provides 1 and half standard glasses or one large standard glass of wine.
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